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Gastier’s success fueled by expertise

Our governance team, with in-depth knowledge of industries, markets and challenges, make wise use of our workers, technicians and engineers’ incredible talent. By combining its employees’ passionate work and the responsible management of its leadership team, Gastier has earned its position of leader in the construction industry in Quebec and its title of pioneer in the field of HSE.

Richard Gauthier


Our president

Born in 1976, Richard Gauthier is a graduate of the Centre des Études Supérieures Industrielles (CESI) and holds a Master in Business Administration. He began his career in Asia, working on industrial development and construction projects. From 2001 to 2015, he took over and expanded the family business specialized in electricity and mechanics, through buyouts and business start-ups. From 2015 to 2016, he ran GESEC Development, a group of more than 350 companies specializing in mechanics and electricity spread out throughout France and representing more than 10,000 employees.

In late 2016, he was appointed Director of Major Projects at Bouygues Energies & Services in France, and Chief Executive Officer of Gastier on March 12, 2019.


Operations Management

Louis Cyr

Industrial Maintenance Manager

Jean Francis Joly

Industrial Mechanics Manager

Eric Thibaudeau

Special Projects and Services Manager

Patrick Végiard

Industrial Electrics Manager

Operations Support

Jessica Desrochers

Human Resources Manager

Supply Manager

Steve Côté

Planning, Project Control and Quality Manager

Health, Safety and Environment

Claude Ganache

Finance and Administration Manager

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