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Gastier has provided Quebec’s construction industry with unrivalled expertise and excellence for more than 50 years. Today, we offer a multisectoral, multidisciplinary and integrated solution in the fields of electricity, mechanics, piping, plumbing, boiler making, instrumentation, automatization, insulation and prefabrication of electromechanical systems. We place particular emphasis on always meeting the highest safety and quality standards in any of our interventions....

One vision, a wealth of expertise

Gastier was founded by a passionate and inspired family. We aim to pursue this legacy, which made us what we are today: a company close to its employees and concerned about their well-being and aspirations. We owe our industry leader position to our workers who contribute to our success every day and are the cornerstone of our preoccupations and activities. They deserve all of our respect and we want to support them when they want to further develop their skills.

We have a keen understanding of our industry and have evolved over time to seize new opportunities while remaining on top of trends in our industries. To do so, we rely on our team’s agility and capacity to innovate, as well as on the strength of a large group. Our vision is oriented towards innovation and quality, which we believe are the keys to success. It will allow us to address the changing construction industry head on for years to come.

  • A multisectoral solution
  • A multidisciplinary ability
  • An integrated approach
  • Electricity
  • Mechanics
  • Insulation
  • Automatization
  • Boiler making
  • Piping
  • Plumbing
  • Prefabricated steel structures

50 years in the construction industry


1971 - The beginnings

Gastier was founded in 1971 by an electrician and one of his project managers. At the time, the company acted as electrical contractors working in the building construction industry. As Quebec’s industrial boom intensified, Gastier rapidly diversified and sought to extend its influence throughout the province. Although still a small company, early clients such as Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney and Johnson & Johnson financially supported Gastier, enabling it to take on a greater number of contracts.

1973 - Knowing when to turn down projects: A strategy

Gastier turned down the opportunity to take part in the projects related to the 1976 Olympic Games and in the major hydroelectric projects of the time. While most of the construction companies of the time were busy, Gastier was free to rally the clients left behind by these contractors and to considerably grow its customer base. In 1973, Gastier developed its 24/7 service and put its first service trucks on the road.

1973 Gastier

Gastier developed its 24/7 service

with its own trucks

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1975 - Gastier started to diversify

Gastier’s expertise grew quickly which resulted in the launch of Gastier Mechanics, followed by the plumbing division in 1978. The instrumentation and automatization divisions were born a couple of years later.

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1980 Gastier

1980 - A flourishing decade

Montage d’Acier International (MDI) is a company specializing in storage tank manufacturing. Over the years, MDI has become a reference in the industrial construction sector. Gastier acquired the brand in 2013.

red plus Logo MDI

1989 – Montage d’Acier International is founded

Montage d’Acier International (MDI) is a company specializing in storage tank manufacturing. Over the years, MDI has become a reference in the industrial construction sector. Gastier acquired the brand in 2013.

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$54 million in turnover

and up to 1200 employees

1990 Gastier

1990 - Aciers inoxydables Gastier is founded

Gastier’s stainless steel division was founded in 1990. This new division specialized in custom manufacturing of tanks, specific equipment, staircases, platforms and other structures that comply with the food and pharmaceutical industries’ demands and requirements. By taking over the manufacturing process, Gastier could ensure better control on the final product quality. This strategy allowed the company to set itself apart from the competition by using a very strict proprietary manufacturing process and quality management system that was reviewed and approved by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec.

year 2000 Gastier

2000 - The rise of the commercial and institutional sectors

In the early 2000s, the industrial sector made way for commercial and institutional projects. Gastier took part in this wave of change and participated in major projects such as Montréal’s Palais des congrès, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec and the Hôpital Pierre-Le Gardeur. Between 2000 and 2006, the company had a turnover of $70 million.

2004 - Consolidation of services

In 2004, Gastier brought all its divisions together and officially branded itself as a general contractor specialized in electricity, mechanics, automatization, instrumentation, boiler making, plumbing and piping as well as insulation and steel structure manufacturing. The company continued to expand with the launch of Fabripec, a company specialized in structural steel manufacturing and Les Constructions Gastier, focused on high-voltage electricity work. Gastier also started to expand beyond Quebec by undertaking major projects for Hydro-Québec, first in the province and then in Alberta.


in turnover per year between 2000 and 2006

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2006 - Excellence in health and safety policies

Gastier’s efforts to meet the construction industry’s highest standards were recognized by specialized media. The company’s willingness to create custom-made plans that exceed each client’s requirements in terms of health, safety and environment propelled Gastier to its position of HSE industry leader, even with a staggering number of work hours reported in 2005.

2008 - One of the most important entrepreneurs in Quebec

With more than 3,000 permanent and temporary workers, Gastier consolidated its expertise in 9 different trades. From 2008 to 2015, it was one of the largest general contractor businesses in Quebec. For several decades already, the company has sought to have a proactive approach towards health and safety issues to meet its clients’ ever-growing requirements.

Year 2013

2013 - Gastier buys MDI

By acquiring MDI in 2013, Gastier ensured better quality control of the products it develops for its clients, from design to maintenance, and from compliance to upgrades. Today, MDI remains a reference in the industry for its reliability and durability.

red plus Logo Bouygues

2015 - Gastier and Bouygues Construction: A new chapter

The Energies and Services division of French company Bouygues Construction acquired Gastier through its Canadian subsidiary, Plan Group. This new association facilitated Gastier’s access to a pan-Canadian clientele, an effort that had been initiated by the company a few years earlier. Together, Bouygues and Gastier cover the institutional, residential, industrial, service and building construction sectors in Canada. Merging with Bouygues Energies & Services allowed Gastier to take advantage of the French group’s international presence, develop new knowledge and consolidate its existing multidisciplinary expertise.

Year 2020 Gastier

2020 - Almost 50 years of history

Nowadays, Gastier’s name is known in seven industries as that of a general contractor specialized in electricity, mechanics, automatization, instrumentation, boiler making, piping and plumbing, insulation and steel structure manufacturing. It has continuously expanded its subsidiaries’ and MDI’s expertise, and still relies on it today.

Gastier shares with Plan Group and Bouygues Energies and Services a vision for a brighter future in which they will, together, be able to push their goals and practices further, while respecting humankind and the environment.
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